An Argumentative Essay Sample on Why Authoritative Parenting Style is the most effective

Effective parenting is the ability to engage and interact with children in a way that they learn and grow into responsible adults. An effective parenting style is important because it promotes children’s mental and emotional development. The authoritative parenting style is considered the most effective form of parenting.

In authoritative parenting, parents use positive reinforcements and reasoning to guide their children. They avoid using threats and punishments. According to Lavrič, Miran and Andrej, this parenting style is most common among educated and middle-class families. Children brought up using this form of parenting have a higher likelihood of developing independence, self-reliance, socially accepted character, and exemplary performance in their studies (Steinberg et al. 1270). As a result, these children are unlikely to develop wayward behaviors like drug use and delinquency.

Authoritative parents are more inclined towards using tacks emphasizing the setting of high standards, offering guidance, and being friendly. They show respect for their children as independent and rational beings. However, they do not allow bad behaviors to go unpunished. They expect them to behave responsibly and in a rational manner (Kang, Juyoung & Haoyi 10). Research by Kang, Juyoung and Haoyi (5) suggests that even just one authoritative parent in a family can make a huge difference in the life of a child. Children brought up under the said style tend to have mutual respect for all persons as instilled in them by their parents.

Authoritative parenting focuses on guiding and nurturing children. It enables children to be independent, self-reliant, socially accepted, academically successful, and well-behaved. Also, it instills in children the importance of mutual respect and responsibility.

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