The use of pay for performance by companies

Pay for performance is one of the most effective strategies for increasing employee productivity. This method is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. As the name implies, it refers to the compensation employees receive due to how they perform their work. Often, healthcare and manufacturing companies employ this compensation model to motivate their employees to reach the company’s objectives and goals, resulting in increased profitability and productivity for their employees over the long run.

As stated earlier, compensation models based on P4P are most commonly used in the manufacturing industry to motivate employees to deliver quality services. One of the world’s most successful multinational beverage and snack corporations, PepsiCo, Inc. manufactures and sells non-carbonated and carbonated beverages and food products worldwide. In this discussion, PepsiCo is a perfect example since it rewards diligent employees with pay for performance. There is even a statement in the scriptures about a man reaping what he sows. Therefore, payment for performance is a suitable compensation method. The performance of employees on specific projects is measured and rewarded through performance-related bonuses. According to the company, employees can receive bonuses of up to $2,000. The company implemented P4P compensation to motivate employees to provide better service, counsel underperforming employees, and promote mentoring and coaching.

The company adopted a performance-based pay system to determine its salary levels. The company also offers employees incentives and stock options, and bonuses. Since adopting the abovementioned compensation model, PepsiCo has seen significant improvements in employee performance. The company has increased its profits over time due to this process. P4P reflects the company’s commitment to promoting diversity and providing equitable compensation for its employees. Using the pay for performance compensation model, the company has expanded its operations throughout its global network of subsidiaries. It has been an exhilarating experience for PepsiCo since they switched to a pay-for-performance compensation model.

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