Human service is an integral field that centers on bettering the lives of vulnerable persons within society. Today, agencies are coming up to give a hand up to in-need communities through undertaking initiatives to promote human service. These initiatives include food donations, counselling on substance abuse, health and wellness programs, among others. One organization that has constantly been at the forefront in championing for improved lives of in-need communities is Savannah Feed the Hungry. The organization has a variety of programs, which aim to impact the working poor and vulnerable families gearing towards achieving its mission.

Savannah Feed the Hungry Organization mission

The organization’s mission focuses on offering assistance to the working poor, homeless persons and families, and low-income communities. Through its mission, the organization has been able to provide help to vulnerable communities whenever help has been direly needed. For example, families and in-need communities have benefited from its programs, most recently the food crisis during the lockdown. As a nonprofit, the mission has been top-notch to help volunteers and donors identify with the works of the organization. This has lead to the growth and influence of the organization.

What population does Savannah Feed the Hungry mission serve?

Since its establishment, Savannah Feed the Hungry has targeted more in-need persons and families far and beyond the idea’s birthplace. The organization, comprised entirely of volunteers, has grown over time to impact the vulnerable communities within Georgia and South Carolina. Today, the organization has since moved its headquarters to Garden City from Savannah. This is intended to improve service delivery to the homeless and communities where the need is greater. Therefore, through various partnerships with local communities and other organizations, Savannah Feed the Hungry has continued to grow its influence and impact on the lives of more vulnerable persons and communities.

Impact of the organization’s mission on the community

Savannah Feed the Hungry has largely impacted the lives of the locals within Georgia and parts of South Carolina. The organization offers food giveaways, free clothing, and educational opportunities to vulnerable persons and communities. This has seen thousands of locals benefit from various events and drives organized by the organization. These events include sit-down dinners and giveaways such as toys, fresh farm produce and clothing. In addition, Savannah Feed the Hungry has educational programs aimed towards equipping local communities with the necessary skills and knowledge. The learning programs include cooking, family life, conflict resolution, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise classes.

To achieve its mission, the organization also partners with like-minded agencies in service delivery to vulnerable communities. A recent example is a partnership with St. Joseph’s/Candler, where Savannah Feed the Hungry Organization is rolling out an Empowerment Centre that will provide access to a wealth of resources aimed towards sustainability to the locals. Therefore, with an aim to better the lives of the local in-need communities, Savannah Feed the Hungry has continued to reach out to various communities.

In conclusion, through various sustainability programs, Savannah Feed the Hungry Organization has continued to impact the lives of the local in-need communities. The organization has continued to work towards achieving its mission with the support of volunteers and donations from well-wishers. Therefore, with regards to human service, the organization has largely provided value to the vulnerable communities within Georgia and South Carolina and still aims to grow to more places.

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