Registered Nurse

Like many medical professionals working in different capacities in various clinical settings worldwide, the role of a registered nurse is one of the most important vocational callings that anyone could probably opt to pursue as their lifelong career. Registered Nurses play an increasingly vital role in safeguarding the lives of their patients through the provision of quality care tendered towards improving the health outcomes of myriad patients around the world. The nursing profession had undergone tremendous evolution over the past several decades dating back to a time when nurses received no formal training to the current era that has set the stage for the enrolment of specialized training for nurses harboring specialized skills in the provision of the best patient care.

Role of a Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are specialized nurses who have undergone specialized nursing training in professional nursing schools. As such, a registered nurse (RN) performs various roles and responsibilities. The responsibilities that fall under the purview of a Registered Nurse, therefore, include administering medication to patients and liaising with medical physicians to improve the health outcomes of patients undergoing care. Registered nurses can work in a variety of settings ranging from schools, clinics, homes, and assisted living facilities. RNs can work in hospitals as nurse managers, delivery and labor nurses, perioperative and cardiac care nurses. Other roles of a RN may entail carrying out patient assessments, evaluating patients’ medical status, and enhancing the awareness of patients’ families concerning the best kinds of care for patients.

Reason for Choosing the RN Profession

My predilection to pursue a nursing profession career increasingly arises from a personal inclination to help people, a passion I developed from a tender age. Admittedly, my livable experiences have also played a greater role in cultivating an innate yearning to be a nurse. As a teenager, I had the painful experience of visiting a close relative who had been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Apparently, my aunt had failed to undergo screening for quite some time. It was only later that we realized following her screening that her cancer had developed into a malignant tumor. I rarely visited her, but when I finally did, I was beside myself with anguish and sadness at the pain that coursed through her body. I could never have imagined before that day that patients suffering from long-term illnesses such as cancer suffered as she did. Ever since then, I swore to myself that I would pursue a profession in nursing in a bid to help and care for patients that endured painful experiences from wide-ranging illnesses.

Prior to the aforementioned horrific experience of witnessing firsthand the painful journeys that patients undergo over the course of their medical treatment, I had always been a caring person who felt the need to help whenever and however I could in any given scenario. I strongly opine that following the aforementioned experience ingrained in me a willfulness and dedication to pursue a course that I believed was greater than my personal interests were – the longing to pursue a career in nursing so that I would be in a position to help care for patients in any given clinical setting. I doubly dedicate my time to my studies. In this way, I endeavor to push myself even further to attain a degree in nursing and become increasingly specialized in providing quality nursing care to patients in need.

I believe a nursing career would enhance my personality traits affiliated with helping people even further. My ambition is to become a registered nurse in the near future, so I can direct all my power, time, and ambition toward making the world a better place. I believe providing care as a registered nurse would be a step in the right direction to accomplishing this dream. I humbly appeal to the nursing school faculty to accept my application. Granted a chance, I intend to pursue the present profession with utmost dedication, responsibility, dignity, integrity, and accountability because I know several lives depend on me. Thank you, and God bless your institution manifold.

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