How might the Kantian categorical imperative become a part of organizational culture? Could it ever work in business?

Kant’s categorical imperative is the mainstay ideology that underlies Kantian ethics. In particular, it emphasizes the need for organizations to encourage the establishment of cultures that encourage moral growth through ethical practices. According to Kantian ethics, the creation of an organizational culture that encourages ethical practices on the business platform is dependent on an individual’s ability to nurture morals and character (Byars 53). The doctrine of categorical imperative widely acknowledges the idea that people should unconditionally embrace ethical character traits in their endeavors. Kantian ethics argues that people and organizations should choose to act morally.

The choice to act morally should stem from within a person. The doctrine of categorical imperative declares that while people can learn moral ideals from training, the responsibility underlying an individual’s choice to act morally stems from one’s will. Business organizations can benefit immensely from incorporating categorical imperative within their organizational culture (Byars 53). Adoption of a categorically imperative organizational culture allows business organizations to uphold ethical considerations in all their considerations. Indeed, businesses have succumbed to the practice of unethical practices. For instance, Samsung suffered greater losses in 2006 from the unfortunate explosions of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones as a result of faulty casings and batteries. The company survived through this ordeal by relying entirely on the doctrine of the categorical imperative. In particular, the company decisively opted to compensate its clientele by replacing faulty smartphones. Indeed, it is safer to surmise that the firm’s decision to uphold ethical practices to address the issue helped in the alleviation of the matter.

Do you see Kantian ethics as applicable to your own interests and hope for a career?

From a personal vantage point, I strongly agree that the application of ethics in my day-to-day activities is vital to my economic growth. The development of a reputation is essential to the creation of important connections in business. Successful business organizations in the world always make it a priority to uphold ethical tenets over the scope of business operations.

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