An Expository Essay on Poor Buyer-Supplier Relations Causes Supply chain and management play a core role in fostering the fluidity of business operations. In particular, subsequent relationships developed between a supplier and a buyer create a unique platform to foster the commercialization of business transactions among persons involved within a given supply chain of services

Buyer and supplier relationships denote the trade-related collaborations between companies around the procurement of goods or services. Relationships between buyers and suppliers have evolved over time. Buyers and suppliers presently prefer collaborative relationships that are more likely to yield benefits than purely competitive ones. In understanding the main incentive for supplier and buyer relationships, a

It has been said repeatedly that relationships between partners are rarely on a stable pathway all the time. Relationships can be perfect on some occasions but experience difficulties on other days. Essentially, maintaining perfect relationships all the time is almost impossible. This scenario also plays out in buyer and supplier partnerships. The involvement of buyers