What is professional nursing today? The nursing profession has evolved from when nurses only held unprofessional roles in healthcare, such as cleaning and janitorial duties, to modern days when nurses increasingly perform professional duties. The profession of nursing owes this fortunate turn of tides to Florence Nightingale. She brought sanitation and cleanliness to military healthcare

Provide an example of evidence of healthcare disparities The manifestation of healthcare disparities among disparate ethnic and racial minorities still pervades the American healthcare arena. According to the Institute of Medicine (2003), myriad American ethnic or racial minorities continually experience increased mortality and morbidity rates compared to non-minorities or whites. Amerindians inexplicably succumb to liver

Registered Nurse Like many medical professionals working in different capacities in various clinical settings worldwide, the role of a registered nurse is one of the most important vocational callings that anyone could probably opt to pursue as their lifelong career. Registered Nurses play an increasingly vital role in safeguarding the lives of their patients through

What are measures aimed at early detection of suicide? Suicide is an anomalous manifestation of mental illnesses. Suicide is one of the greater mental illnesses that continue to pose a lethal danger to the safety of the lives of those afflicted. Notably, suicide features among the causes of mental conditions that supposedly exhibit the highest

Advantages of Performing Laparoscopic Surgery What are the advantages of performing laparoscopic surgery over open surgical procedures? The advantages of laparoscopic surgery over open surgery include a precise incision hence a smaller open wound than in open surgery. This procedure exposes patients to less pain and blood loss than open surgery. In laparoscopic surgery, patients

An Essay on the application of Nuclear Medicine in Healthcare Nuclear medicine entails using radionuclides or radiopharmaceuticals to examine, detect, and treat various conditions affecting the human anatomy. This technique is an emerging technology in healthcare. Nuclear Medicine (NM) is widely used in the diagnostic treatment of various pathological ailments, including cancer, heart disease, and